Alessandro Donaggio was born in 1976, in Chioggia (Venice).
At 18 years old he moves out from Chioggia and goes to Milan were he get’s graduated in communication at the university of IULM. He lives in Milan for five years, and there he get’s all the great creative vibes that the city gives.

He is also attracted from different cultures and countries, that takes him to travel to Europe, America, Africa and Australia. Each travel gives him the right knowledge and life experience that he needs, and leaves him an indelible mark.

From there he feels the need to work with images. Alessandro starts with technics of traditional painting, but gives up to start working with graphics and photography. He put together this passion for photography and other projects, like communication for web and printing industry. He meets his wife Stefania, and together, with the same interest and skills, they start the photograph profession. They open a studio in Padova city.

Alessandro then takes a certificate of professional quality IPP (Italian professional photographer) and he get’s international recognitions for photographic portraits. He also makes some works in interior design and fine art photography. He works with privates and companies.

Feeling, dreaming, experimenting, creating, means for me to live, to be, to enjoy my surroundings.